Become a Magician

Online education to become a magician fast.

Become a Magician

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Become a magician is highly searched keyword in the internet. Become a magician means you perform magic to impress your family and friends at birthday parties and other events. In my “Simple Magic Tricks” course I give you enough easy magic tricks to impress and entertain your friends and to find out, wether magic is for you or not. When you realize you love to do magic, you may consider becoming a professional magician. After learning simple tricks, you can consider to learn a full magic show. On Magician.Education you have the opportunity to take an amazing shortcut and learn a complete 40 min. Comedy Magic Show. Join here

You can either go the traditional way on becoming a magician which takes years of practice or take the amazing shortcut of done for you shows. Find your own style of performing. In the “Comedy Magic Act” I teach you my full act that you can copy and paste. You get everything, the magic tricks, the presentation and jokes and gag lines. Once you’ve mastered the act it’s time to adapt it to your own performance style. I give you also the keywords for each magic trick. So by just knowing that keyword will help you to create a spontaneous speech.

You can perform the best magic tricks, but if you do not have a logical and funny presentation, they will remain just tricks. It will never become entertainment. And people pay you to entertain them with magic. For every magic trick you need a good presentation. Everything has to make sense. With the right presentation, your wording,  your jokes – the magic tricks become second nature. Thats the moment when people will love to watch you as a magician and being entertained by you. They will even forget that you use tricks. Magician.Education does not bring you just single magic tricks but complete shows with the full presentation that has been tested over and over again. Ready to become a magician in the next few months? Start with the Comedy Magic Act now.


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